I’m Jaclyn, a freelance writer from tropical Queensland, Australia.

I’ve been vegan since 2013 when I discovered that we have found an alternative to almost every use of animals and their excretions. Now I live a healthy, abundant lifestyle without intentionally causing harm to anyone else. I'm no longer the villain from a kids movie, and that feels good.

I'm passionate about plant-based nutrition, vigilant self-care, and maintaining a non-toxic home. I'm always on a journey towards minimalism and a zero-waste lifestyle. I enjoy capsule wardrobes, DIY beauty, minimal decor and living a stripped back, non-materialistic life.

While my background is in international development and I've dabbled in social enterprise (see the image to my left), right now I'm taking time off and I mainly keep busy writing freelance articles, website copy and social media for ethical brands.

Wearing MATTER Prints. 

Wearing MATTER Prints