Hi, I'm Jaclyn.

I'm an international development worker, blogger and content marketer living in the Federated States of Micronesia. I'm into minimalism, veganism, fair fashion and living a low impact lifestyle.

My full-time job is working as an advisor in gender mainstreaming to implement international policies and treaties that protect the rights of women. It’s why I’m so into social business models.

This space was created for me to hold genuine, inclusive discussions around morality, the environment, and all the ways those two overlap. As a development worker, I find animal rights and the environment inseparable from being a humanitarian. My blog is about recognising the global impact of our decisions and minimising harm across the board.

I'm passionate about plantbased nutrition, self-care, and maintaining a non-toxic home. I enjoy capsule wardrobes, DIY products, minimal decor and living a stripped back, non-materialistic life.





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