A word about affiliate links.

I am a small-time blogger and freelancer, earning a couple hundred dollars in a good month. Yet this blog, where I write for free, costs me $300/yr to run.

This page is a disclaimer that I use affiliate links on my blog to attempt to recoup those costs. This means that at no extra cost to the buyer, I may get paid a small commission by a company if you buy from them through my website.

On this website, you'll find some of the products I recommend can be found in a few online stores I have an affiliate partnership with. When I list a product I use, I usually link where it can be found. If it happens to be a product from a store I am an affiliate with, if you click that link and end up buying anything from their website, I can earn a few dollars commission from that sale. For example, a $60 purchase means the affiliate partner would pay me up to a maximum of $6 from that sale. It's not big money, but as few as five sales a month could cover the costs of this website.

The beauty of this arrangement is that most of my commission sales come from two stores I religiously shopped at well before I even knew affiliate marketing was an option. I genuinely buy all my underwear from Boody, and all my zero waste supplies from Biome Eco Stores. I did this before becoming an affiliate, and would continue to do this regardless. The fact I can make even a cent this way is such a dream.

So everybody wins!

I get to make content recommending brands I genuinely like, anybody that appreciates the effort I put into sharing world-changing brands can do their online shopping via my links, the ethical company gets support they deserve and in turn send me a little compensation for my time, while none of this costs my readers a thing!

So I want to take a moment to thank everyone that takes the extra step to click a link on my website before making their purchase. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated!

Thanks, tribe. I look forward to running this blog with you for years to come.