A word about affiliate links.

I am a small-time blogger and freelancer, mostly doing this for free. Yet this blog costs me $300/yr to run, excluding the many hours of labour and my financial investments into the ethical products I review.

This page is a disclaimer that I use affiliate links on my blog to attempt to recoup some of the above costs in compensation for my time. At no extra cost to the buyer, I may sometimes receive a small commission from companies I mention.

When I list a product I use, I link where it can be found. Sometimes, it’s a store I’m an affiliate with. If you click that link and end up buying something, I can earn a few dollars commission from that sale. For example, a $60 purchase means the affiliate partner would pay me up to a maximum of $6 from that sale. It's not big money, but a few sales a month could go a long way to covering my expenses.

The beauty of this arrangement is that most of my commission sales come from two stores I regularly support with my own money into and genuinely believe in. I buy all my underwear from Boody, and source my zero waste supplies from Biome Eco Stores. I did this before becoming an affiliate, and would continue to do this regardless. The fact I can make even a cent this way is such a dream.

So everybody wins!

  • I get to make content without compromising on my integrity

  • Anybody that appreciates my blog can support me for free just by using my links

  • The ethical brand gets the support they deserve through my word-of-mouth recommendations like this, which is so important when smaller brands can’t compete with the marketing budgets of multinational corporations

So I want to take a moment to thank everyone that takes the extra step to click a link on my website before making their purchase. If you regularly use any of my affiliate websites, you can even bookmark my link to your browser to always support me.

Your efforts are noticed and appreciated! You’re all the reason I can do this.