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DIY Vegan Tooth Powder

DIY Vegan Tooth Powder

When preparing for an upcoming 5 week carry-on only work trip, a big concern was how to continue using zero waste toothpaste without having to worry about liquid quotas. Typically a bicarb/coconut oil combination is used by zero wasters, and coconut oil counts as a liquid. I knew I wanted baking soda for its well documented benefits, and it usually has full support from zero wasters dentists.

"There are many reasons for using baking soda for brushing teeth.  It is not only the least abrasive substance to use but it also whitens teeth, removes stain, and is also an effective germ killer against the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease."

So I took to the Internet for alternate recipes and very quickly found one. Bicarb soda and stevia. Yes, the sugar substitute.

"Study shows that antibacterial properties of Stevia may help with gingivitis, cavities, tooth decay and mouth sores. It may suppress the development and reproduction of infectious organisms in the gums and teeth, inhibit the growth of plaque and may improve overall oral health. People who have used Stevia as a mouthwash have reported significant decrease in gingivitis and other mouth infections."

So here's the recipe I'm using:

Pop it all in a reusable container, I saved a Sukin screw-top jar for this purpose, and give it a shake. And you're done! Ready to pop in your carry-on luggage for an international flight. To use, simply sprinkle some onto your toothpaste or dip your toothbrush into the powder.

If you don't need to worry about liquids, you can also add some water and stir the powder into a paste to resemble a little more closely what we typically recognise as tooth"paste".


All vegan, as minimal packaging as I could find that week and safe from fluoride, palm oil, animal testing, and every other nasty thing lurking in conventional toothpaste.

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