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An Eco-Friendly Father's Day Gift List

An Eco-Friendly Father's Day Gift List

Father's Day gifting can be tricky. Fathers are stereotyped for wanting little, buying what they already want for themselves, and not being forthcoming when you plead with them for ideas. But we know this isn’t necessarily true and there are plenty of thoughtful gifts men will graciously appreciate. This list is here to offer you some ethical ideas available from Biome Stores.

Full disclaimer: I am an advocate for breaking the burden of cyclical gift giving, and the societal expectation to give thoughtlessly, which wastes valuable Earth resources. This blog post is written on the expectation that there is a physical item on this list that you'll notice your father needs, and that he will genuinely find value in. And it’s assumed you're giving him a gift because you have thought through your zero waste options and decided you do want to pass on a physical possession he can have and treasure. If you haven't explored zero waste gift ideas yet, try reading this first. This list contains a lot of wearable items, to ensure you’re gifting something usable rather than knick-knacks that will just get dusty sitting on a shelf. 

Ecococoon Stainless Steel Cup Set, $40.86
For the dad that likes camping or entertaining, this reusable cup set ensures he can pour a drink for his friends without having to rely on single-use disposables.

Thermos King Insulated Travel Mug, $40.86
The thing I like about Thermos’ is that the style is conventional enough that I think men would be comfortable enough carrying it, without having to worry about looking too girly for caring about the environment. (Yeah, I went there.)

FreeLoader Pico Portable Solar Charger, $36.32
Is your dad into tech or is he outdoorsy? This is appropriate for either those interests, and a practical gift. A lightweight solar charger that can be taken boating, camping, gardening or to any other activity that involves being away from a wall socket.

Refillable Stainless Steel Fountain Pen, $13.59
A pretty classy gift for a Professional Dad, refillable pens don’t just look cool and work great, but they reduce the excessive consumption of disposable plastic pens that are rarely recycled. A great addition to a dad’s work desk. For those looking for a higher value gift, this One Hundred Year Old Recycled Brass Fountain Pen is made from salvaged materials from the old Ipswich Railways Workshop for $81.77 (very cool gift for Queenslanders).

Kilner Cold Brew Coffee Set, $72.68
For the coffee lover, there are low waste kits for making your own ethical coffee. This kit lets you make your own cold brew. You can grind your own beans, and even make your own plant milk using a milk bag and matching milk bottle, following these recipes. For those with coffee pod machines, they even make sustainable versions of those now. While browsing, you might as well buy the coffee to brew, too.

Conscious Step Socks, $20
Conscious Step are a vegan Fairtrade and organic-certified sock social enterprise, where you choose which cause you want to support. Buy one pair, or buy a pack and put a positive spin on the typically boring socks and jocks.

Mighty Good Undies, $26.32
Organic and Fairtrade certified, if you're going the socks and jocks route, Mighty Good Undies are as ethical as you can possibly find. As a note, at the time of posting this listing is marked down 30% off to $18.42.

Etiko Thongs, $29.50
What Australian man doesn't need a pair of rubber flipflops? Trick question: The answer would be a fictional one. Give the gift of a wardrobe staple with these shoes made from a mix of natural and recycled rubber, and donate a portion to Animals Australia who campaign tirelessly for the rights of all animals (you'll recognise them as the forerunners in the stop to ban live export).

Beekeeper Parade Weekender, $126.36
A carry-on sized weekender bag for the dad that never has decent luggage. Beekeeper Parade are an awesome brand I met the people behind a few years ago. Their bags are made out of upcycled textile waste, and profits go towards education for kids in Cambodia (in the name of the brand owner’s late sister). They also have some cool wallets.

Dorsu Mens Cotton Crew, $31.82
Dorsu is my favourite brand, I own two of their white tees myself. Made ethically from industry remnant fabric in Cambodia, they are a really high quality ethical brand sold at a really, really reasonable price.

Seaside Tones Mens Shirt, $153.64
This is another clothing piece I own the women’s version of, so this is a very genuine recommendation. Made from 100% linen, this is the kind of investment shirt that could last your father a lifetime.

I hope this list of suggestions contained a practical gift idea that would suit the dad or another man in your life, or at least pointed you down a path of ethical brands to find something just right for the person you’re shopping for.

This post was not sponsored by Biome, but I do the majority of my shopping there because their extremely high standards for brands means I don’t have to do the homework myself, and it’s a one-stop shop for so many of my needs. So it makes sense to me that every suggestion would be from this store. Thanks, Biome! #notsponsored #notanad

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