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My Zero Waste Period: Modibodi period underwear review

My Zero Waste Period: Modibodi period underwear review

Finally, vegan period undies are available in Australia. I’ve been following Thinx since their launch in 2014, but when they first came out the shipping costs were completely prohibitive for me. Then, there came Modibodi closer to home, but their designs contain wool which is a really cruel and inefficient industry so I opted out and stuck to my menstrual cup and cloth pads.

But I am so happy to share that Modibodi recently launched their vegan-friendly version of their period underwear that is solely stocked through my friends at Flora & Fauna, a completely vegan online retail store. This vegan option uses bamboo in the place of wool.

I was quick to pick up two pairs (#notsponsored) to give them a try and I’m in love. International shipping from Flora & Fauna is just $15 AUD if you’re away from home like me!

After two cycles trying out this product, I’m a big believer that this is a solution that will suit almost everyone. I’ll be ordering another two pairs to more comfortably see me through my period that runs on average for three days.

I’ve been using a menstrual cup for five years now, but I found myself constantly reaching for pads as well. I always had some organic cotton single-use pads on hand because cloth pads just weren’t working for me in the occasions I needed back-up. Cloth pads definitely aren’t currently an option in Micronesia with the laundry facilities I have available to me.

So period underwear covers all the occasions I might have used single-use products.

I can wear them:

  • When I’m expecting my period but think it’s a little too early to put my cup in to wait

  • When my period is at its heaviest so I don’t have to think about leaks

  • On the last few days of my period as I wait for it to peter out, because it’s so light putting a cup in can feel unnecessary for me

I chose the light/moderate capacity undies because I still plan on wearing my Lunette during heavy days and specifically wanted these for back-up when heavier protection is unnecessary.

However, they do sell a heavy/overnight version for just $3 more if you want to wear these on your heavier days or without a cup or tampon. My recommendation would just be to only order a pair or two to check the fit and whether they hold enough for you before investing in an entire week’s worth.

I am a size 8 in pants and I ordered size 8 Modibodi’s which are tight at first, which I presume is intentional because you don’t want leakage, but I did find they loosened up after a wear and a wash so feel just like any other underwear.

Price wise, they’re expensive for regular underwear but comparable to top of the range “ethical” undies brands with the light option costing $27.27 AUD. The underwear I otherwise wear is $13 a pair so twice the price for a two-in-one item that cuts down your need to pay for disposable products every month is easily justifiable even on my budget.

The underwear is a mix of bamboo, spandex and polyester so they do go inside your microfibre filter bag, which is also ideal to keep them safe from zippers.

I rinse in cold water and hang in the bathroom after each use, then next time I’m doing laundry I wash them on cold in my microfibre bag from Biome and hang out to dry using my stainless steel pegs from Biome (thanks guys for my awesome laundry supplies).

As a reminder, the vegan option is only available from Flora & Fauna. If you order through Modibodi’s online store or other stockists, your period underwear will contain wool.

Have you tried them? Let me know!

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