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Bhumi: Australia's first Fairtrade yogawear

Bhumi: Australia's first Fairtrade yogawear

Australia’s first Fairtrade yoga and activewear. Those were the words that caught my attention.

I’d been following Bhumi a while because of their eco credentials and well-curated Instagram and blogs that cover important issues, but I hadn’t made my first purchase until I received a newsletter about pre-ordering their organic Fairtrade collection, made in India.

Bhumi, meaning Mother Earth in Sanskrit Hindi, is a pioneering brand determined to change the industry and advocate against conventional cotton farming and child labour. Founded by Vinita Baravkar with a Masters in International Public Health (my field of interest), she saw the intersection of human suffering and environmental pollution and decided to act.

By gaining certification with the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS), Bhumi confirms their cotton is free of toxic dyes, uses only safe pesticides, and practices traditional organic farming techniques such as rotating their crops to protect soil quality. These organic methods reduce cotton’s contribution to climate change by consuming less petrol, conserving energy and protecting the soil so that it can store more carbon.

From the cotton crops, through the steps of processing the cotton, manufacturing the garment and packaging for sale, the company avoids harmful chemicals and GMOs. Transparency throughout the production process leaves you confident in the safety of the end product. Safe to wear on sensitive skin, safe to wash without damaging our oceans, and safe to compost at the end of its life without rotting in a landfill.

Additionally, Bhumi is certified by Fairtrade Australia, who have the highest Fairtrade certification standards in the world. This accreditation protects the social, economic and labour rights of all workers along the supply chain from the farmers to the producers of the finished product. It also looks at the environmental standards to ensure sustainability, health and well-being for the workers (e.g. no toxic chemicals) and promotes co-ops to fund community projects that benefit any contractors or employees, such as funding schools, wells and health clinics.

Pictured are my Crazy Chill 3/4 leggings (size S) and my boyfriend Tim in his Storm Loop joggers and Basic Tee. The fabric of his t-shirts is so divine I want to drape my whole home in it! All items are Fairtrade and organic certified, extremely comfortable and stitched well.

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