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Pants that MATTER: Socially motivated fashion label MATTER Prints

Pants that MATTER: Socially motivated fashion label MATTER Prints

Innovation is something there just isn’t enough of in the fashion world. With fast fashion brands bandwagoning seasonal trends and an increasing problem of copycats and copyright infringement, it’s refreshing to find a socially-motivated label that’s carving its own path creatively while also pioneering sustainable practices in the industry. This month I partnered with MATTER Prints to show my readers how things can be done differently.

MATTER Prints are a label making waves. Inspired by their travels and in a deliberate move away from sweatshops, MATTER return to a model of collaborating with textile artisans that respect and value the artisan culture. Their designs have three rules: They must be seasonless classics, they must prioritise quality over quantity, and there must be intentionality in the process. To reduce waste in the fashion industry MATTER produce garments in small batches, use natural materials and dyes, and repurpose the pattern offcuts in their children’s clothing and handbags.

The majority of MATTER’s artisans are located around India. Largely they partner with artisans in Rajasthan, India. Including the city of Jodhpur where I lived and worked while founding my own social enterprise fashion label, leaving this company a special place in my heart. Anybody that knows me knows that empowering communities by sustaining their traditional craft absolutely warms my soul. This is what business should be.

By carefully selecting their artisan partners, MATTER ensure transparency of their supply chain and the enforcement of fair employee policies. Every print designed in collaboration with their partner is connected with cultural tradition and storytelling. The result is a label raising standards and inviting other brands to step up and match them. Each piece pushes the boundaries of design incorporating traditional patterns and unique silhouettes, most notably in their pants and jumpsuits.

Paired with  Saheli Designs  clutch + necklace, also made in India

Paired with Saheli Designs clutch + necklace, also made in India

I’ve chosen to add The All Day Jumpsuit in Horizon Blu to my minimalist wardrobe as blue and white are the base of my colour scheme, and comfy, multi-functional pieces are my bread and butter. This medium weight cotton jumpsuit is now one of the most fun items I own. It’s like wearing a pair of comfy pyjamas, but well-tailored pyjamas I can pair with heels!

It’s adaptable and able to be worn with chunky sandals for daywear or a low heel for nightwear. With some seriously inventive design and functionality, this jumpsuit allows you to pull down the pants to sit on the toilet while keeping your top on, which is great to avoid those awkward moments of complete nudity in a public bathroom. To put on and remove, you simply undo the top's single button and step into the piece like any other jumpsuit.

Functionality and comfort aside, the cotton used is hand dyed and hand-loomed. The weaving was undertaken in Pochampally (nearby Hyderabad in Telangana) and the final product was sewn in New Delhi.

With high-quality fabrics, design and stitching, transparency of the supply chain and efforts to empower the rural communities MATTER touches, the brand seem to be doing everything right. It's a label I’m so happy to recommend to friends and followers to explore.

Valued at $169 USD / $215 AUD I wear a Size 1 jumpsuit which measures 99cm in the hips and 104cm in the bust.

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