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My Last Five Purchases #6

My Last Five Purchases #6

Like usual, I had no idea what horrors this may unfold when starting this self-imposed challenge. I'm not sure what will make the list when I start writing.

This blog is an experiment in full transparency when I stop, drop and evaluate my last five purchases to see if they hold up to my personal values of minimalism and sustainability. I do this to demonstrate that minimalism is an ideal, but it's not about perfection. I still consume things, and often those things come wrapped in plastic. I have all the same desires to shop as you do, but I simply attempt to consider my purchases carefully and do my research before shopping.

So without further ado, the following are my most recent purchases in 2018.

Sportsgirl denim shorts

Denim shorts have been high on my priority list for maybe 10 months. Because of my weight loss, I've been living without appropriate clothing for warm Queensland weather for all that time. But because of my frugal minimalism and a commitment to ethical fashion, I resisted buying something from fast fashion. And I searched for the perfect pair for denim shorts. I searched, and I searched, and I searched. I've spent many hours scouring the Internet and op shops trying to find a pair of ethically made or thrifted shorts. I even took to Instagram and Facebook to ask people for recommendations. Ultimately, I got sick of wearing jeans in 32 degree weather because it is just plain silly, so I finally made the call and ordered a $60 pair of shorts from Sportsgirl. Sportsgirl don't have clear policies on their environmental impact, assumedly because as a fast fashion brand their product turnover is too high to be very sustainable, but they are slave-labour free so I featured them in my blog post Australia's Budget Ethical Fashion: Clothing for under $100 as one of the budget companies I feel comfortable supporting.

Justified purchase? Yes. That's a clear yes.

Sportsgirl tank top

In the same order, I ordered myself another top for $20. I already had their rib crop top in white and love it to wear to bed or to layer under my overalls, and due to the hot weather and the fact again that I no longer fit my old black tank top, I replaced my old black tank top with the same style as my white one. It was a genuine need because I got sick of running out of clean clothes very fast.

Justified purchase? Yes, probably. I hope so.

Makeup primer

As I was running low, I cashed in on Priceline's Australis buy-one-get-one-free sale and grabbed two vegan Australis primers, which should last me several months for just $18. Australis is a budget Aussie cruelty-free brand available at Priceline, Coles and many other mainstream stores. Not all their products are vegan, but they're clearly marked if they are vegan on their website so it's very easy to check. This is something I would have replaced sooner or later, so I just consider this a smart, frugal purchase.

Justified purchase? Yes, I use primer sparingly because I don't wear makeup most days, so this free primer should really be worth it in the long-run.

Biodegradable poop bags

Now that Steve has moved in with me, I scoop cat poop most days. Originally I was using repurposed plastic bags collected from my housemate to dispose of the kitty litter, but these soon ran out and I needed alternatives. So I went looking for biodegradable dog poop bags. Biome stock these biodegradable certified dog poop bags that come unpackaged, and you can buy as many as 50 for just $8. They're certified in the UK and US to be compostable and do not contain polyethene, so they're the real deal biodegradable and not the green-washed "degradable" plastic you see written on supermarket plastic bags.

Justified purchase? Yes! You might not think it was even worth mentioning in this list because it's so justified, but previously I'd avoided buying anything new for this problem so it was a conscious decision I've made to spend money here.

Deodorant paste

So at some point in my life, I accidentally made a commitment to trialling all the vegan deodorant pastes out there so you don't have to. I've used a lot of brands I like, but I continue to shop around and try a new product every time. Over the last 12 months I have used at least four brands. You can read my favourite deodorants so far in this post here. This time, I went on the hunt for a zero waste plastic-free option that I could buy in a store without having to experiment with DIY. I found this Earth Purities deodorant paste that comes in recycled and biodegradable paper packaging. I'm pretty excited to see how this eco-friendly product holds up in the summer heat!

Justified purchase? Yes! It's really hot, I need deodorant.


And for the sake of transparency, I actually bought one more item at the same time as these other purchases, another pair of Boody undies because I ripped a hole in an existing pair! They've brought in so many new styles since I first started shopping Boody, and my favourites are now the g-string and midi briefs.

So those are my last five purchases, plus a bonus sixth! I hope you appreciate the transparency, but now it's time to ask you: What were the last six things you purchased, and are they purchases you can be proud of?


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