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My Last 5 Purchases #5

My Last 5 Purchases #5

So, it's been 7.5 months since my last blog where I try to set an example of transparency and accountability, as someone encouraging others to make positive changes. Why listen to me if I can't at least be held responsible myself?

This morning I reflected on the fact that I'm consuming a lot right now. Since my last blog post like this, I've moved house twice and now live in a different state which required condensing my possessions down for air travels. In this time I had to leave a lot of products behind at various places I've stayed and some needed to be replaced, like certain zero waste alternatives.

Additionally, with our travel plans for the next few years I will need to condense my possessions down even further, and in doing so I'm swapping over some products and investing in different items that are better suited for the lifestyle.

Upon the reflection that I was buying a lot of stuff I thought it was time to check in with myself, get real, and see if I walk the talk when it comes to sustainable minimalism. I have no idea what will be on this list until I check my bank account and emails!

So without further ado, here are the last five things I purchased (not including essentials like groceries and toilet paper, which was from Pure Planet if you're wondering!).

  1. Foundation brush
    I grabbed the Moonrise Creek Vegan Foundation Brush from during their flash sale! I'd been growing increasingly frustrated by the fact my foundation was looking patchy and basically have not owned a foundation brush in years because of my minimalism, so I cracked and bought one to use instead of my hands while the price was reduced! I knew that by shopping through Fairlings what I was buying would be vegan, high-quality and the most deserving brand possible so felt no guilt.

    Purchase justified? = YES
  2. Insect repellant
    I also chose the Vanessa Megan Organic Bug Off Me Roll On from Fairlings during their sale! This I knew I needed for our upcoming road trip and was definitely on my "to buy" lists that I talk about in the Minimalism section of my blog. I don't trust most insect repellants and usually would just use coconut oil, but I thought it'd be nice to own one that was compact and suited for travel, so placed my faith in Michael and Masa at Fairlings again.

    Purchase justified? = YES
  3. Face masks
    OK, So. I ordered three Andalou Naturals face masks. These are individual single-use masks and I couldn't find them locally so I ordered them online. Don't hate me, but I blame @theadventuresofjade. While my skin has been in serious distress lately (so dry and acne-prone) I was looking for solutions and I had actually had these masks open on my browser when I watched her daily video on YouTube and COMPLETELY COINCIDENTALLY she said she uses them regularly and loves them - so I pressed purchase! I thought I'd try a variety and if one worked really well I could repurchase them in bulk until I no longer need them. Not the most sustainable choice, but one I ultimately felt I was happy to compromise on. (Coming off birth control is a real bitch.)

    Purchase justified? = YES
  4. Net shopping bag
    I grabbed a larger reusable shopping bag than I owned in a cute net style, to take with me everywhere! I plan on keeping this and taking it overseas with me for shopping at produce markets. It holds more volume than what I already owned and can pass as an acceptable day bag if I need it to because it just looks good!

    Purchase justified? = YES
  5. Foundation primer
    I've mentioned above my recent skin and foundation struggles, and this primer was an answer to that. Being so minimalist I tend to avoid replacing things when they run out, so I'd lived a bit too long without a primer. But knowing I had to go out to a bar while my skin was breaking out, I eventually caved and bought Australis blemish buster acne fighting primer (as this one is vegan while the normal primer contains beeswax). Given that I held out so long on replacing my primer and my face is actually pretty important, I can justify making this purchase in my own journey to reducing waste, despite the plastic packaging.

    Purchase justified? = YES

So there you have it. The above products were purchased over the past eight days, and exclude virtual products or food (or alcohol if I'm being honest). Overall, I'm pretty happy with myself. Phew! The next physical products in my line of fire are a replacement phone (I'm trading my secondhand iPhone for another secondhand iPhone) and a compact hair dryer for travel to fit in my backpack!

Let me know, what were the last five items you bought? When you stop and reflect, are you satisfied that you've consciously made good decisions?

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