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My Last Five Purchases #8

My Last Five Purchases #8

It’s been eight months since I last Stopped, Dropped and Listed my last five purchases. I saw a past blog entry and cringed at the idea of reflecting on my spending right now. And that’s a surefire sign that it’s time for me to do so.

This practice is an act of forced transparency to show the realities of minimalism and low impact living (i.e. Feeling like a fraud when you buy literally anything), and helps me track my spending and hold myself accountable for what I support with my money. This list leaves off boring expenses like utilities and regular groceries because you don’t need to read about the fact I put $10 in my car today.

Here we go, my experiment in full accountability, transparency and humility.


jaclyn-mccosker123 client.jpg

I paid about $22 USD to have a photo digitally illustrated as my profile pic on Instagram. A lot of this stemmed from my June revelation that I wanted to be generous in giving more money to content creators and supporting small businesses. You can see my pic at or

Justified? It was absolutely on a whim, but hey I have no regrets. I paid fairly for someone that turned the work around in hours and I think I just opened the door to impulsively supporting artists.

Vegan Club t-shirt

So, I didn’t pay for this. It was gifted. But, I asked Vegan Club to work with them so this example of consumption is still on me. Why did I bring a new grey t-shirt into my life? Because I have to retire a grey tee that is torn in too many places to be repairable anymore, and because 90% of Tim’s t-shirts have holes too. Including his grey tees. So I ordered a unisex grey tee that fits both of us that we can share! I’m wearing it in Micronesia but lending it to Tim when we travel to Guam so he has enough clothes to get through. Vegan Club are an awesome brand you can check out here.

Justified? It’s worth around $40 USD but I didn’t pay for it, and it’s to be shared between two people. I think that’s about as frugal minimalist as it gets. And ethically? This is from their website: “All of our tees are made in the USA. We use Vegan inks and Eco-Friendly & Sustainable materials. We aim for fully Organic, Recycled or Up-cycled apparel. We also focus on being Zero Waste by reducing what we need and reusing as much as we can.”

Skincare products

I did a Flora & Fauna haul because I needed a few things. I picked up Happy Skincare Light Anti-Oxidant Cream (to replace my moisturiser running low), WOTNOT SPF30 Facial Sunscreen (to replace my expired bottle) and Acure Radically Rejuvenating Sheet Mask (I’ve been battling some really dehydrated skin). These cost $63 AUD total. Everything at Flora & Fauna is vegan, so I recommend these brands for cruelty-free skincare. Plus, I often choose this store because they have Afterpay and that makes it a lot more accessible for me.

Justified? I always have guilt buying sheet masks, but I haven’t used them in a really long time so I ordered enough skincare to get me through the last few months before I move back to Aus and have access to making DIY products. I have an existential crisis every time I have to use plastic, but I consider my cystic acne’s skincare non-negotiable.

Digestive enzymes

I picked up matching digestive enzymes for Tim and myself from Amazon. They were around $30 AUD each and should last two months until we get back to Australia at 2x pills per day. This purchase was funded by my Buy Me A Coffee supporters! I take digestive enzymes to treat my IBS, and Tim’s now starting to give them a go for his own gut health. Which comes with a daily commentary about how his bowel movements are going…

Justified? Yes! This is very important healthcare. If you have any signs of bloating, diarrhoea, excess gas or other signs of IBS, I’d look into digestive enzymes to restore the bacteria your digestion needs to properly process your food.

2x Pela phone cases

My first Pela iPhone case was torn in three places because they are designed to breakdown… so it was time to update it. I picked up two with a big discount during a sale which meant I could score both with combined shipping. These should last me at least six months if not a lot longer. Pela have a refer a friend program where you get $10 off your first purchase if you use this link. The referrer gets $10 off for a limited time but since I won’t need to use it within the time limit, that’s just a helpful discount if you need one.

Justified? Sure! As the first fully compostable phone cases, and with the fact I got these discounted, this made buying both at the time I bought them a frugal minimalist and eco-friendly choice.

Things I spent money on during the same timeframe of the above purchases but didn’t mention include: Toothpaste, laundry powder, Patreon/Ko-Fi support of creators, seat upgrades, carbon offsets and Christmas gifts I’ve ordered that I obviously can not disclose.

Overall? This was less scary than I thought it’d be this time. The skincare products give me eco-anxiety but they’re well thought out purchases that had been on my shopping list for months before I pulled the trigger, and they’re all pretty great vegan brands!

Now it’s your turn: Can you honestly appraise your recent purchases and be transparent about whether they were worth the money or resources used for them? You don’t have to let me know, but since these posts are always really popular with the stickybeaks that follow me, I think it’s clear people find this practice useful for getting real with yourself and confronting the spending habits you didn’t think anybody would ever be able to catch you out on.

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