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The solution to climate change is veganism

The solution to climate change is veganism

I’ve never met an environmentalist non-vegan. Because to be one, you must be lying about the other.

Meat-based diets are the leading cause of climate change, and veganism is the solution.

The only way to prevent global warming from reaching 4 degrees Celsius is for an immediate mass switch to dairy-free vegetarian diets.

Until now, this has been deliberately hidden from the public as an “unpopular” fact. Governments and environmental organisations fear their supporters will stop listening and turn their backs if they draw attention to something as personal as our diets. This means they have little public pressure to act on the leading problem, because Average Joe refuses to take personal responsibility for his contribution to our global problem.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

Yet since humans love to boast that their intelligence and logic is rationale for placing themselves at the top of the food chain, I’m sure this same intelligence can accept the science and make the logical decision to move away from meat products to save our planet.

Estimates of how much livestock contributes to global greenhouses gases are contradicting. The UN estimates animal agriculture contributes 14.5%, whileWorldwatch argues that due to undercounting and overlooking significant contributors the number is actually 51% of greenhouses gases. As comparison, all the world’s transportation only contribute around 14%.

59% of the world’s land and around 25% of the world’s fresh water is used to grow feed for livestock.

It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef. (That means 70% of US grain is fed to livestock instead of people).

That inefficiency in food production results in 9x the amount of fossil fuels used to create 1g of meat protein versus 1g of plant protein.

Beef and dairy products are the leading polluters, as cattle produce 65% of the above mentioned greenhouses gases. Beef cattle make up around 40% and dairy cattle contributes around 20%. Because yes, dairy is as bad for the environment as red meat. 

What does this all mean? 80% of sea animals and 52% of land animals are extinct, 80% of the rainforests have been destroyed, countries are going underwater, increasingly dangerous storms are devastating communities, droughts are creating refugees and our future food security is severeley jeopardised.

What the above stats reveal is that even if we stopped the use of all fossil fuels today, we would not be able to reverse increasing climate change. Only widespread veganism can achieve that.

While 1 in 8 people on Earth go hungry, it’s clear our rampant abuse of natural resources to produce such destructive food that is causing enormous physical damage to our bodies HAS TO STOP. We have no logical reason to continue to eat meat besides tradition. And in the face of total global collapse, tradition seems pretty feeble. Besides, when you can find a vegan substitute for each animal product, your tradition doesn’t actually need to end.

These figures are all very daunting and doomsday, but the good news is that through one simple change without compromising your lifestyle in any way, you can cut your carbon footprint in half!

By shopping for products that are aligned with our values we can leave meat and dairy in the store, pick up the vegan alternative, and enjoy fantastic food without the guilt.

If we don’t change our consumer behaviour, in only a few decades water and food will be so scarce that conflict is inevitable. Once we cross the 4 degrees warming barrier, the animal and human suffering will be immeasurable.

We’re facing a genuine “end of life as we know it” crisis, but the solution is so achievable. 10% of millennials are vegetarian or vegan, the change is happening. We just need the rest of you to pull up your socks and join us in celebrating the food we eat rather than mourning it.

As an introduction into the world beyond violence, I welcome you to What Fat Vegans Eat. In this group you will find everything veganised from scrambled eggs to blood pudding. You will never go hungry, and you’ll want for nothing.

A Post-Antibiotic World

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"Vegetarians kill more animals during harvest”

"Vegetarians kill more animals during harvest”