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Deodorant Paste Reviews: Top eco & vegan picks

Deodorant Paste Reviews: Top eco & vegan picks

It was sometime in high school that I first clued into the dangers of standard antiperspirant deodorants, but it would be years before I would truly move away from animal-tested products and aerosols to sustainable, safe and animal-friendly alternatives. Today if I use any deodorant at all, I use deodorant pastes. Sourced from cruelty-free organic companies that package their products responsibly.

Over the past several years I've experimented with all the deodorant paste I could get my hands on, and I've come out the other end with two clear winners.

Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste

Black Chicken is an all-natural paste that applies smoothly and invisibly without any transfer onto your clothes. I tested this deodorant in the summer of Central Queensland and I can confirm this paste lasts in 30+ degree and high humidity days, and that's on unshaved pits too! The paste is vegan, contains only ingredients you can recognise and is free of all that harmful, dangerous stuff conventional brands love to use.

Schmidt's Deodorant


I love Schmidt's for providing a fragrance-free option. The texture of Schmidt's took a little getting used to as it's gritty and not smooth, but ultimately it proved to be a very effective deodorant that beats any aerosol or roll-on due to its rapid absorption and absorbency. This deodorant only contains five natural ingredients, is vegan, and is completely free of harmful toxins.

 Honourable mentions:

Alcome.Co Bearly There Anti-Bacterial Deodorant Paste
Alcome.Co is a completely vegan brand. Available on Etsy or their website, the deodorant paste is not an antiperspirant but works as an anti-microbial paste to allow you to sweat but removes the bacteria that produce body odour.

Noosa Basics Deodorant Cream
Organic and vegan, Noosa is my fourth runner up because it's local, nicely scented and effective at preventing the odour producing bacteria! Available at The Cruelty Free Shop or on their website.

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