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Melbourne's Top 5 Vegan Eats

Melbourne's Top 5 Vegan Eats

1. Vegie Bar

Vegie Bar on Brunswick St, Fitzroy is the cornerstone of Melbourne's vegetarian scene. It's my local, and I eat from there at least once a week. The establishment is 20 years old with the most varied menu on the scene, and they even own Transformer, the vegetarian fine-dining restaurant on the same block. Vegie Bar doesn't specialise in one cuisine but dips into them all: Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese. They're now available on UberEATS so you can sample all their vegan options from the couch, just like me. I recommend the matcha and choc coconut shakes!

2. Smith & Deli

The world famous Smith & Deli have really earned their reputation. A 100% vegan takeaway deli, they specialise in traditional meat and cheese sandwiches plus baked goods. They're Melbourne's go-to for adaptations of well known non-vegan foods, like curried eggs, and stockists of the hard to find vegan products like Ben & Jerry's ice cream and Daiya frozen pizzas. I recommend the grilled cheese with truffle oil.

3. Trippy Taco

A vegetarian Mexican takeaway store, Trippy Taco specialises in vegan tacos, nachos and burritos, including a vegan Nutella dessert! Their black bean burrito is the most hearty burrito I've ever had, and probably my #1 Melbourne food recommendation for the avid non-vegan in your life. I recommend the burrito with vegan cheese for $0.50 extra.


Is Supercharger the healthiest eatery in the world? They'd sure be in running for the title. They specialise in high protein, high carb, low calorie, gut healthy superfoods. You can get a complete meal of your preferred grains, vegetables, proteins and fermented sides for $12.90 or choose a full meal menu option catered to your nutritional needs for $15.

5. Lord Of The Fries

A cult favourite, Lord of the Fries is our popular fast-food chain with 4 franchises across the inner city. LOTF offer 100% vegetarian traditional meat burgers and are soon transitioning the non-vegan egg and dairy ingredients off the menu to be a completely ethical option for Melbourne vegans. I recommend the chicken burger with poutine fries.


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