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The Purpose

Dead bored of single-minded changemakers that only advocate their chosen social issue at the expense of all others? Don't even get me started.

So I went and created this space to have genuine, inclusive discussion about morality, the environment, and all the ways those two overlap. Human rights, animal rights, and the environment are inseparable from each other. We can't discuss one without considering the involvement of the others. This blog is about recognising the impact of our decisions and minimising harm wherever possible.

Our comforts never need to cost another animal or person their liberties or their life. And I hope to prove how simple, affordable and fun living a minimalist, eco-friendly and compassionate life can be.

The Woman

I’m Jaclyn, a freelance writer currently camped in Central Queensland, Australia. I am a minimalist, a vegan, an intersectional feminist and an avid traveller. Welcome to my brain!

I run a social enterprise fashion label out of India, study a Diploma of Counselling (Trauma & Abuse) and work casually writing freelance articles and blogs. Additionally I hold a BA in International Relations and Conflict Studies, so I have a lot of feelings about Syria.

I’ve been vegan since 2013 when I discovered that we have found an alternative to almost every use of animals and their excretions. Now I live a healthy, abundant lifestyle without intentionally causing harm to anyone else. I'm no longer the villain from a kids movie, and that feels good.

I'm always on a journey towards minimalism and a zero-waste lifestyle. I enjoy capsule wardrobes, DIY's, minimal decor and living a stripped back, non-materialistic life.

Additionally, I've been living with post-viral chronic fatigue syndrome since 2009. This partial disability has forced me to be enterprising, and allowed me the opportunity to explore freelancing and online study. In my journey to recover I've become passionate about plant-based nutrition, alternative therapies, vigilant self-care, and maintaining a non-toxic home.

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